Ramadan Gift Pack 1 - Nuts & Delights


Let's share the joy of Ramadan with friends & family.

  • All gift packs will be delivered to your friend's doorstep in the first week of Ramadan; in the order of the checkout date/time.
  • No delivery fees in the Bay Area.
  • Share your custom note in the delivery instructions section, or email to customer@halalcartapp.com with your order number. Notes will be prepared with custom handwriting and attached to your gift package.
  • If you order any other items with this gift pack, they will be packed and delivered as separate packages to the same address.


This Gift Pack Includes:


1- Nahita Homemade Tulumba, 8oz

2- First Quality Antep Pistachios, 8 oz

3- First Quality Turkish Ordu Hazelnut, 8 oz

4- Medjool Quality Dates, 10 oz

5- Loqhum Safasi Cezerye w/ Peanut

6- Loqhum Safasi Cezerye w/ Antep Pistachios

7- Loqhum Safasi Cezerye w/ Hazelnut

8- Loqhum Walnut Soucuk w/ Fig

9- Loqhum Walnut Soucuk w/ Pomegranate

10- Loqhum Walnut Soucuk w/ Grape

11- Loqhum Walnut Soucuk w/ Mullberry

12- Loqhum Turkish Delight, 16oz (Pasha / Chocolate options)

13- Saray Tadelle Wafer Choclate x 2

14- Ulker Square Milk Chocolate,

15- Ulker Square Hazelnut Chocolate

16- Nestle Damak Chocolate

17- Almond/Hazelnut Cookie - Aci Badem Kurabiyesi, 6 pieces

18- Custom gift box as shown;

19- Custom Handwritten gift note card

20- Free delivery